Tracy Niles


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Press from the Long Beach Bayou Festival, June 21st, 2015.  

The Promise Live

"Tracy Niles is a young energetic local talent who has that certain flair onstage. She is having fun and you could see she was enjoying the evening as much as we were... there is a certain jazz sensibility that shows up in her songwriting and singing style. And then, in mid song, as she sings about smoke, you hear the chords to “Smoke on the Water” and you know this girl is well rounded musically....She wowed the audience and received the type of applause normally reserved for the main act. I can’t wait to hear more from her. "

San Diego Troubadoor, May 2002 Vol. 1, #8

“In "You're My Way Home" (track #2), she takes the listener on a textured vocal journey through guttural growls into delicate falsetto highs.”

North County Times - CD Reviews

"“Tracy Niles is basically a blues singer, but not in the torch-singer tradition. She adds rock, with touches of soul and jazz, plus accompanies herself on acoustic guitar. The result is a hybrid that is all her own.” "

Peninsula Beacon

 “For Niles, performing live is the ultimate experience, and she makes sure every show is special. In a very bold career move, …..the talented newcomer released one of her live concerts as her first CD. "Breaking The Slience" was an instant hit with her fans. It even caught the attention of radio station SETS 102.1, which gave the song "Moving On" some airplay.”